Clinica del viso

Enhance the uniqueness of your face with targeted surgery and aesthetic medicine treatments

No other part of our physical appearance represents and identifies each of us in a more immediate and unequivocal way than the face. The eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones, chin, forehead, and jaw taken individually determine the unrepeatable uniqueness of our features.

Clinica del Viso (Face Clinic) is a healthcare facility entirely dedicated to the aesthetic problems of the face in the heart of Milan.

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Clinica del Viso: a structure of excellence dedicated to health and beauty of the face in the heart of Milan

The healthcare facility chosen for medical, aesthetic, and surgical treatments greatly influences the success rate, the patient’s satisfaction and the final costs of the procedure itself. The Clinica del Viso of Piazza della Repubblica in Milan gathers a team of medical experts and specialist surgeons able to offer different types of treatments. The most appropriate option is selected among the many possibilities made available by aesthetic medicine and surgery.

Within the complete range of excellent services offered by the Clinica del Viso, special care is dedicated to the aesthetic and functional problems of the nose. The appointed specialist is Dr. Pietro Palma, one of the leading rhinoplasty experts in Europe, who for over 25 years has devoted his entire career towards excellence of one of the most challenging and rewarding specialties of facial surgery. Such dedication has allowed him to master the art of rhinoplasty, septoplasty and septorhinoplasty in their different variants, including the very tangled revisions.

Also called secondary rhinoplasty (tertiary, quaternary and so on, depending on the number of previous interventions), revision rhinoplasty presents specific complexities related both to the patient’s psychological and emotional state, and to the anatomical conditions of the boney-cartilaginous structure of the nose. Minimally invasive targeted rhinoplasty based on meticulous analysis and consolidated technical skills can significantly reduce side effects and complications. In addition, dedicated software for morphing and photo-analysis support the creation of a methodically detailed plan for every surgical step. These must be perfectly clear in the mind of the surgeon long before approaching the operating table.

Dr. Palma possesses a vast repertoire of techniques that have matured after decades of experience. Dr. Palma carefully listens to the needs and expectations of the patients, and aims at reconciling minor invasiveness with the highest chances of success. His rigorous approach greatly increases the chance of success.

Face Clinic in Milan: schedule an appointment with Dr. Palma and the facial specialists

The Clinica del Viso in Milan – piazza Repubblica is the first Italian medical center entirely focused on the aesthetic problems of the face. Thanks to professionals including also the facial aesthetic specialist, the patient’s needs can be addressed by providing appropriate treatments and/or cosmetic products, chosen to suit different skin types, ages, and expectations. The 360° approach of the clinic aims at taking care of a wide range of requests, from purely aesthetic procedures to functional-corrective surgery of the nose and face, up to dermocosmetic treatments.

In addition to the problems dealt with by reliable medical and surgical professionals, the Clinica del Viso (Face Clinic) of Milano Repubblica also offers laser procedures, mapping of the moles, permanent hair removal and other facial treatments.

In collaboration with a qualified team of plastic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, dermatology, ophthalmology, and nutrition specialists, the Clinica del Viso is a reliable partner for male and female patients of all ages to improve or rediscover the harmony of the face.

Dr. Pietro Palma, the super specialist in nasal surgery creator of the Hybrid Rhinoplasty™ method, is the specialist surgeon appointed to take care of cosmetic and functional nose issues at the Clinica del Viso – Piazza Repubblica, 21 in Milan.

Rhinoplasty, septoplasty and septorhinoplasty are enclosed in a highly meticulous, targeted and specialized diagnostic framework. The appropriateness as well as the costs of rhinoplasty can only be determined during a preliminary visit, during which the surgeon will assess the anatomical situation of the internal and external nose, while also discussing limits and possible outcomes of the operation. The establishment of a relationship based on empathy and trust between surgeon and patient is an essential preliminary condition for any elective surgery, and for rhinoplasty in particular.

For more information and to set up preliminary interviews with Dr. Pietro Palma, contact the Clinica del Viso on the telephone number +39 0263611932 or send an email to The clinic is located in Piazza Repubblica 21, in Milan (near the Central station), easily accessible from all over Europe by public or private transport.