Complications in rhinoplasty

Preventing complications in rhinoplasty and septoplasty with minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive surgery has gained increasing prevalence in all the branches of modern surgery due to the reduced impact of the procedure, shortening of healing times, and increased predictability of the healing process that determine a better quality of the final result.

In rhinoplasty, as the technical manoeuvres are in the order of millimeters, the surgeon must utilize maximum precision at all times.

For over a decade, Dr. Pietro Palma has been using a hybrid approach (Hybrid Rhinoplasty™) inspired by minimally invasive surgery. His method combines the precision of open rhinoplasty with the reduced invasiveness of endonasal surgery (closed rhinoplasty). The methodological rigor and operational versatility offered by this approach maximize the success rate even in complex procedures, containing risks and complications.

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A rigorous approach to surgery increases the predictability of results and reduces complications

Due to the momentum gained in recent years, rhinoplasty has risked being trivialized in common opinion. Nevertheless, rhinoplasty shares the risks, complications, and features of highly complex surgery. We cannot be on the same page with those who consider rhinoplasty a “routine operation”. The uniqueness of the anatomical osteocartilaginous structures, the psychological, and emotional characteristics of each patient make it the prototype of precision surgery.

Diminishing the critically complex nature of rhinoplasty for the sake of reassuring the patient is a step in the wrong direction. We must engage with the demanding nature of this operation, consider its peculiarities and repercussions in order to reliably reduce its risks and complications. To obtain permanent surgical results, all the incumbent variables and circumstances must be fully assessed before entering the operating room.

Dr. Palma’s clinical practice demands an in-depth consultation process that involves listening to the patient’s concerns and building a doctor-patient relationship based on mutual trust. Dr. Palma collects primary information from meticulous analysis of the outer and inner nose, a systematic photographic study, in addition to supplemental studies such as CT scanning when indicated. All these findings are used to complete a rhinological profile for each patient, and a personalized medical chart that will accompany the patient along his/her whole therapeutic path. Combined with photo-analysis and computerized simulations, the data lays the foundation for planning surgery down to the minutest detail. Such a rigorous approach is what helps him to prevent and reduce the adverse effects and complications of septorhinoplasty, rhinoplasty, and septoplasty.

Reduced risk of surgical and post-surgical rhinoplasty complications

The “hybrid technique” developed by Dr. Pietro Palma has shifted the prevailing paradigm in aesthetic and functional nasal surgery that had traditionally been framed on the dualism between open rhinoplasty (which allows an opencast vision of the nasal boney structure) and closed rhinoplasty (which leaves no scars but entail greater operational difficulty).

Dr. Palma’s Hybrid Rhinoplasty™ has replaced the open technique in the 70% of the cases, while reducing the need for revisions following primary surgery (secondary rhinoplasty) by 30%. Operative results have demonstrated a reduction in surgical complications using this innovative technique. In addition to a scar-free columella, the hybrid procedure offers the advantage of reduced oedema and post-operative stiffness, with an overall improvement of the results quantifiable in a 15% compared to traditional closed surgery.

How can adverse effects and complications be reduced and/or prevented in rhinoplasty? Thanks to the minimally invasive approach, the results of rhinoplasty and septoplasty become more predictable and controllable, as well as more natural: instead of drastically altering the support structures of the tip, back and septum, the surgeon obtains soft contours and harmonious lines.

After a thorough and systematic pre-operative diagnosis, Dr. Palma designs a tailored intervention, amalgamated in YOUnique Rhinoplasty™. If you would like more information about the possible complications of rhinoplasty and septoplasty, and also on the costs of your specific intervention, contact the office at the Clinica del Viso (Piazza Repubblica, 21 – Milan – Tel +390263611932 – or Casa di Cura “LA MADONNINA ”(Via Quadronno, 29/31 – Milan – Tel +390258395555 – where Dr. Palma receives and operates.