Rhinoplasty Costs

The costs of rhinoplasty and other factors that require consideration in addition to the price

The cost of rhinoplasty tends to vary according to different factors specific to the patient, the healthcare facility, the surgeon, and his/her team (anesthesiologist, assistant surgeon). Expecting to have a reliable estimate in advance and in absolute terms is quite naive and grounded on wrong assumptions. It can also lead to incorrect conclusions, and may not even be in the best interest of the patient.

Focusing only on the economical aspect of rhinoplasty would be like buying a product without evaluating the quality of the raw material and the technical fineness of the manufacturer. The difficulty and delicacy of rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty require careful consideration of all the items involved in determining the total cost, in addition to the strong impact of the procedure at the psychological, aesthetic, respiratory, and olfactory levels.

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Costs of rhinoplasty: the most “convenient” procedure is the safest one

Questions like “How much does a rhinoplasty cost?”, “How much is a nose job?”, “What is the cost of nasal plastic surgery?” are very common on forums dedicated to rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery. The nose is one of the most important features of the face. The choice of the surgeon and the institution where the operation will happen are critically important. Therefore, the decision to have a rhinoplasty must not be based solely on economic grounds. Cheap operations may lead to complications or substandard results. In revision cases, seeking “low-cost surgery” can further complicate an already fraught situation and lead to worse consequences. The costs of rhinoplasty and their variables are explained in detail during the exploratory interview with the patient when the surgeon also has a chance to ponder his or her motivations and emotional state.

Beware of “low-cost rhinoplasty”: only rely on experienced super-specialized surgeons

The costs of the procedure are definitely among the factors to consider in the decision-making process that precedes rhinoplasty. However, the ability of the hands that will operate our nose/face and the quality of the institution that will host the procedure are crucially important. Following recent evolutions in surgery, the success of nose surgery depends on factors such as technical skill, operational maturity, constant updates at national and international venues, finesse in facial analysis, and thorough planning. 

Rhinoplasty is the most requested facial operation for patients less than 50 years old. Considering it as routine, ordinary, and even trivial surgery would be a foolish and mindless under-estimation. Rhinoplasty requires exceptional technical finesse that only total and exclusive dedication can provide. Its complexity and nuances can be mastered only with many years of practice, as failures and complications are not rare in less than expert hands. The ideal rhinoplasty surgeon has endured decades of specialised experience. 

With over 25 years of surgical practice EXCLUSIVELY dedicated to the nose, Dr. Pietro Palma has gained extensive experience in all areas of nasal, corrective, functional, reconstructive, and plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty costs with Dr. Palma in Milan

How much nasal surgery costs is certainly a key factor in the decision making process that precedes rhinoplasty. A super-specialist in rhinoplasty can provide different guarantees when compared to a surgeon who only occasionally operates on the nose without specific specialization in rhinoplasty..

Dr. Palma is considered to be one of the leading experts in rhinoplasty in Italy and internationally. He ha salso created and fine-tuned the concept of Hybrid Rhinoplasty. Dr Palma will not operate  exclusively on the basis of contacts or photos sent via the Internet. When he foresees the risks of unsatisfactory results or severe complications, he may advise against surgery. The decision not to operate may be in the exclusive interest of the patient and happens in approximately 2% of consultations. 

For precise and personalized information on rhinoplasty procedures and their costs, arrange an interview with Dr. Palma at the Clinica del Viso (Piazza Repubblica, 21 – Milan – Tel +390263611932 – laura@clinicadelviso.it) or Casa di Cura “LA MADONNINA”(Via Quadronno, 29/31 – Milan – Tel +390258395555 – cup.cclm@grupposandonato.it).