Hump ​​Rhinoplasty

Nasal hump and other features influencing ​​facial harmony: what is a surgical “profiloplasty”?

Removal of a nasal hump restores facial harmony and can be considered a part of a surgical “profiloplasty.” Hump reduction is the most requested procedure in rhinoplasty. However, the harmony of a profile view depends on several interdependent factors. For example, the presence of a hump may be accentuated due to the shape of the nasal dorsum, the position of the root, the projection or rotation of the tip, and the junction between columella and lips. Conversely, surgical manoeuvres confined to the hump could have a detrimental effect on the harmony of other facial features.

What is the best way to treat a dorsal hump? Most well known authorities in nasal surgery recommend the adoption of a global, personalized approach to sculpturing the profile view.

Dr. Palma is an Italian rhinoplasty expert. His pre-operative assessment includes careful analysis of numerous individual variables, such as the sex, height, age, facial conformation, and wishes of the patient. This prudent and personalized method also minimizes the risks of a future revision rhinoplasty.