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The nose is an inborn airway, a sign, and a symbol of life. It is a sensory organ that reacts to fear, threat, and pleasure. The seat of smell, a primordial sense, the nose is the cornerstone of sexual identity, the paradigm of form and function. These are the reasons why rhinoplasty occupies the highest level of facial surgery.
The operation of rhinoplasty (correction of the external nose) or septorhinoplasty (combined correction of the external and internal nose) aims at fixing structural alterations of the nose, responsible for irregular shapes and/or functions. Surgery will probably fail if not preceded by an accurate anatomical-functional diagnosis, a sophisticated aesthetic analysis of the external nose, and a deep understanding of the psychological and motivational state of the person who entrusted the surgeon with his or her face.

Pietro Palma

Rhinoplasty international expert

International Rhinoplasty Specialist

My philosophy is simple. An approach based on thorough, sincere passion is the only way to the mastering of an art. The same is valid for rhinoplasty, which we can consider a form of surgical art. Through complete and exclusive dedication, the surgeon can penetrate the depth of this surgical specialty, govern its complexity, grasp its nuances, anticipate the result…

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Rhinoplasty: surgical correction of the appearance and/or functions of the nose

Rhinoplasty is a facial plastic surgical operation that aims to remodel the shape and/or size of the external nose thereby achieving a more balanced and symmetrical appearance of the nasal pyramid. Along with correcting the appearance of a nose, rhinoplasty can also improve its function by addressing obstructed airflow.

  • A Septoplasty is the correction of a deviated nasal septum, essentially aiming at improving nasal function.
  • A Septorhinoplasty (also, rhinoseptoplasty) is the combined correction of the external and internal nose.
  • The turbinates are internal nasal valves that heat, purify, humidify, and regulate the airflow. Surgery that involves the turbinates is defined as rhino-septo-turbinoplasty.

Nasal valves (internal and external) are critical structures acting as air-flow limiting segments. Their anatomy and functional status must be thoroughly evaluated before surgery. Specific surgical attention is to be given to these paramount functional areas in primary cases. Reconstruction of internal and/or external nasal valve area (nasal valve surgery) is frequently undertaken during secondary rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty.

Given these premises, the term rhinoplasty should indicate the correction of the external nose only. However, even when the patient asks for a “nose job” to beautify his or her look, correcting the dorsum, tip, and nasal alae will inevitably have a functional impact on the internal nose.

Nature does not separate form from function. They are the two sides of the same coin. An exclusively cosmetic approach to rhinoplasty is not only technically inadequate but also anatomically inappropriate as entails risks of adversely affecting form and function of the nose.


  • “From the onset, I knew he was the one. … Prof Palma approached the consultation differently… He came across as being able to combine technical skills, with anatomical expertise and the artistic mastery needed to achieve optimal 3D results.”

    Patient review of
  • “I found Pietro Palma online and was off to Milano for a consultation a month later.
    He truly is an artist. He had a clear vision of what he would have to do to give me the result I wanted. The operation was extensive. He gave me a radix graft, he deprojected the tip, he took the tip back and made it smaller and narrower, and reduced my nostrils…. I like the fact that I still look like me.”

    Patient review of
  • “I am super grateful for the wonderful work you and your great team have done for me. You and your team are the ultimate example for me of how a health care team supports and delivers the best possible improvement to a patient’s life!”

    HS, The Netherlands, via email
  • “Dear Prof. Palma, we send our warmest regards to you from Baku! Everybody is happy with S…… nose, especially S……. It is a perfect great job and we are very grateful to you!”

    Family A., Baku, Azerbaijan via email
  • “Being from London, I had the opportunity to consult with several plastic surgeon. When I saw the gallery on his website, each result was fully adjusted to the person’s face and nothing looked unnatural or overdone. … I knew that the only surgeon I could trust was Prof. Palma. The result is so natural, fits my face perfectly and is exactly what I was looking for.

    Patient review of
  • “I am absolutely delighted with the result of the surgery! I would not have dared to anticipate such a refined and fitting outcome due to the previous surgeries and consequent limitations.
    Italy certainly now has a special place in our hearts for being a positive part of a difficult year by virtue not just of now having a nice nose (!) but the warmth and kindness experienced by myself and my dear mum.”

    JC, UK via email
  • “I found Pietro Palma online and was off to Milano for a consultation a month later. He truly is an artist. He had a clear vision of what he would have to do to give me the result I wanted. The operation was extensive. He gave me a radix graft, he deprojected the tip, he took the tip back and made it smaller and narrower, and reduced my nostrils. I like the fact that I still look like me.”

    Patient review of
  • “He is warm, honest and professional. …. He only does rhinoplasty, which is a testament to the respect he has for this complex branch of plastic surgery. He calls rhinoplasty the “final destination” of esthetic surgery. Which is pretty cool.”

    Patient review of
  • “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me! I am really glad that we’ve met, that I made such a long journey from Baku to Milan and met such a great surgeon like you.”

    IJ, Baku, Azerbaijan – via email
  • “I traveled from the UK during mid-2016 for Revision Rhinoplasty with Professor Palma who performed my FOURTH nose surgery. The result? Speechless when I first saw it and still amazed one year later! I’m delighted with the result and it feels entirely natural… I think he is a wonderful, uniquely talented surgeon and feel fortunate to have had a doctor of his standing and expertise take on my case.”

    Patient review of
  • “I have always wanted a rhinoplasty, but never trusted anyone before I have met Prof. Palma. I am from Bulgaria and travelled to Milan. I stayed in Milan for 10 days after the surgery and the Professor made my post op very easy, seeing me 3 times, and when he took the bandage away I was happy with the wonderful work he had done with my nose. I am very proud of knowing such a great surgeon and professional, but also such a nice man. I definitely recommend him to everyone.”

    Patient review of
  • “Prof. Palma, thank you for everything, for breathing, for a beautiful nose, for being such a caring doctor, for such a helpful staff. I am very happy!”

    IT, Vienna – via email


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