Nose plastic surgery

Aesthetic changes and functional corrections in nasal plastic surgery

The multi-purpose nature of the nose sets rhinoplasty/rhinoseptoplasty apart from pure cosmetic surgery. When changing the external nose, the specialist must carefully evaluate all the functional aspects that are involved. In fact, form and function are inextricably connected in the nose: the shape of the organ is intimately intertwined with its functions.

Nasal plastic surgery requires accuracy in the planning of each phase of the operation and in the execution of every surgical technique. The rhinoplasty surgeon must master a vast surgical repertoire. He or she must be versatile and skilled enough to choose the “right” technique and to adapt it to each specific patient, and not vice versa. Though highly creative, rhinoplasty does not allow for shortcuts, approximations or improvisations: a hyper-analytical approach associated with an exclusive super-specialization is crucial to predict and control the surgical results, minimizing risks and complications.