Revision rhinoplasty surgeon

Revision rhinoplasty and surgical super-specialization

The number of patients turning to revision surgery specialists to correct the outcomes of primary rhinoplasty has steadily increased in the last decade. Primary rhinoplasty is a highly complex operation, whose aesthetic or functional results are sometimes inadequate or unsatisfactory. Rhinoplasty revisions are even more challenging, and their correct execution demands many years of experience and solid technical capabilities – in short, a surgical super-specialization.

The surgeon must be prepared for greatertechnical challenges, especially when dorsum and/or tip lack structural support. Revision surgery often implies longer operating times, with a higher risk of side effects and complications that may also have implications for the donor sites.

After 25 years of exclusive dedication to primary and secondary rhinoplasty, in addition to several prestigious academic collaborations, Dr. Pietro Palma has become one of the leading international experts in this field, as well as one of the most renowned rhinoplasty surgeons currently engaged in treating complex cases.