Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty

Nasal tip projection and rotation: profile harmony features

Nasal tip sculpture is both an intricate and complex aspect of rhinoplasty. However, it is of fundamental importance in determining also the harmony of profile. Patients seek the opinion of a rhinoplasty specialist due to a falling, globular or asymmetric tip. The cosmetic and functional aspects of the nose are intimately intertwined. This principle applies to the septum, turbinates, nasal tip, the “wings” of the lower lateral cartilages, and the columella, i.e. the lower portion of the nose.

Any alteration of shape and size of the external nose also affects its internal space. Altering nasal tip structure can significantly improve nose aesthetics, but requires thorough planning and precise execution to avoid respiratory issues, such as the collapse of the tip cartilages, which can severely damage breathing. The harmony of the profile and frontal views and the function of respiration depend on the concurrence of a series of elements, including the shape of nasal dorsum, wings, and tip.