Revision Rhinoplasty

Secondary rhinoplasty corrects the results of previous operations

A sense organ, the first part of the airway, and also an important facial feature, the nose is crucial in determining our identity, aesthetic harmony, and quality of life. Due to these peculiarities, rhinoplasty is considered the most demanding operation in facial surgery. Its growing popularity among men and women of all ages does not make rhinoplasty a routine operation. On the contrary, any correction of the nose requires a set of skills that the specialist must continually refine throughout his career.

The constant search for improvement proceeds hand in hand with the application of dependable and tested techniques. Above all, safety and predictability of results should distinguish rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty, and prevent the excesses of surgery. Moreover, while operating on the internal and external structures of the nose, the surgeon must also take care of the psychological and emotional wellbeing of the patient. Empathy and humanity from the first contact are as strategically important as the surgical plan.