Medical Management of Rhinoplasty Patients

Chronic nasal disease is very common

Nearly one third of all human beings experience long-term nasal symptoms such as a blocked or obstructed nose, post-nasal drip, and poor sense of smell. These symptoms have a very significant impact on a patient’s sense of quality of life. As nasal trauma resulting in external deformity or developmental anomalies are also very common, many rhinoplasty patients present to Dr Palma with a mixture of medical and surgical problems.

From a sense of desperation, many patients will have already tried seeing their family practitioners, and used several over-the-counter medications, often with highly disappointing results.

Dr. Palma has over 25 years of experience in nasal diseases, whether medical, surgical, or a combination of both. He will take your history, examine your nose, both externally and with an endoscope, before he can make recommendations for further medical or surgical care.