Rhinoplasty results

Predicting and monitoring surgical results: analytical methods and surgical super-specialization

Rhinoplasty may be perceived as a creative endeavour. However, it is not compatible with improvisation, shortcuts, or approximations. The natural appearance of the surgical result does not correlate with the simplicity of the techniques used in surgery. The secret of surgical success is analysis, analysis, and more analysis. Elegance, finesse, and naturalness in rhinoplasty ensue from careful planning, calibration of every surgical step, and technical versatility. This translates into adapting the procedure to the patient and not viceversa.

A super-specialized surgeon can significantly increase the percentage of success in rhinoplasty due to the combination of a rigorous approach with a vast repertoire of techniques matured after decades of experience. Meticulous planning, computerized photo-analysis, and dedicated simulation software complete the formula to achieve natural harmony. Correcting the shape and function of the nose derives from the ability to predict and control surgical results.