Secondary Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Surgeon with “super-specialization” in secondary rhinoplasty

Even more than the primary, secondary rhinoplasty requires advanced practical and theoretical skills. The surgeon must operate with the utmost precision, versatility, and maturity; he/she has to make the best decisions from the creation of the surgical plan to its accurate execution. When the structural support of the dorsum or tip is insufficient, he/she must be prepared to take material from other sites. The obvious consequences include increased technical complexity, risk of side effects in the sampling sites, and lengthening of the operating times. All these critical issues, more than a specialization, require surgical super-specialization.

Dr. Pietro Palma, with over 25 years of exclusive commitment to the most challenging of all plastic surgery procedures, has acquired super-specialization in secondary rhinoplasty. Despite meticulous planning and execution, surgery cannot always guarantee achieving 100% of its goals. The anatomical uniqueness of the structures determines a margin of unpredictability in all operations – and even more in rhinoplasty revisions.