Rhinoplasty Surgeon

How to choose the best surgeon for your rhinoplasty in Europe

Countless aesthetic, psychological or functional reasons can motivate a patient, whether male or female, adolescent or adult, to request a consultation for plastic nasal surgery. Regardless of individual motivation, all patients at some point of their journey must cope with the choice of the specialist.

Classic questions on rhinoplasty and septoplasty forums include the cost of rhinoplasty, the choice of rhinoplasty surgeon, and other patients’ experience with a particular surgeon. We reiterate that no Internet page can replace the personal relationship with the surgeon, and that all the information found online must be taken with a grain of salt.

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Factors to consider when choosing a nasal plastic surgeon

The decision-making process preceding a rhinoplasty cannot be only dominated by economic considerations. Inquiring about the cost of rhinoplasty is a legitimate step. Nevertheless, as your surgeon will operate on one of the most important features of your face, the choice of the surgeon must therefore take other factors into consideration. Rhinoplasty offered at the lowest price rarely provides the best guarantees of success, safety and comfort. Safety issues become critically important in case of emergencies that – although very rare in rhinoplasty – can never be fully excluded in surgery. A money-pinching approach to rhinoplasty can more easily produce complications or sub-optimal results.

The rhinoplasty surgeon, his/her team and the hospital hosting the procedure must be able to tackle all the possible risks and complications of surgery with prompt professionalism, efficiency, and safety. In addition to the reliability of the clinic/hospital, the choice of the rhinoplasty surgeon should depend on his/her curriculum vitae, skills and specializations, years of practice, international academic activity, methods and technologies of pre-operative analysis, ability to design and execute a tailor-made intervention, along with the realism, honesty and accuracy in the presentation of the possible results.

General surgeon VS nose super specialist

The distinction between a general surgeon who occasionally performs nose plastic surgery and the super-specialist exclusively dedicated to rhinoplasty is not of marginal importance. Rhinoplasty is inherently different from other forms of facial surgery as it demands the integration of psychological insight with functional assessment, and aesthetic values that determine the practical aspects of surgery. High creativity and meticulous planning of each phase are the hallmarks of rhinoplasty that is considered to be the paradigm of “precision surgery”, a concept that has gained increasing prevalence in modern surgery.

In rhinoplasty, as the technical manoeuvres are in the order of millimeters, the surgeon must apply the utmost precision at all times. Absolute professional dedication maximizes the success rate even in complex procedures, reducing risks and complications. The rigorous approach of the super-specialist, assisted by the most advanced technologies, makes it possible to predict and control the surgical result with maximum effectiveness.

These factors demonstrate the fundamental aspects involved in assessing the choice of the rhinoplasty surgeon. Relying on a super-specialist rhinoplasty surgeon sets the stage for a surgical path with utmost safety, minimal risk of complications, and maximum chances of success.

Pietro Palma, among the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Italy and Europe

For the past 25 years, Pietro Palma has devoted his professional life towards excellence of a highly challenging and technically complex operation. His approach is consistent with mini-invasiveness, a modern principle that now inspires all branches of surgery. Thanks to the continuous advancement of anatomical knowledge, surgical techniques and technologies, minimally invasive preservation approach is favoured even in complex cases – revisions included.

Dr. Palma is a super specialist rhinoplasty surgeon who designs and performs bespoke nose surgery that is absolutely specific for each patient. This approach is summarized in his YOUnique Rhinoplasty™ philosophy. To meet the surgeon who invented the Hybrid Rhinoplasty™, a blend of the advantages of “open” (opencast vision) and “closed” rhinoplasty (mini-invasiveness and absence of external scars), please schedule an interview at: Clinica del Viso (Piazza Repubblica, 21 – Milan; Tel +39 02 63611932 – info@youniquerhinoplasty.com) or Casa La Cura LA MADONNINA (Via Quadronno, 29/31 – Milan; Tel +390258395555 – cup.cclm@grupposandonato.it).